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As Chartered Accountants we specialise in cross border tax and business advice for UK residents, UK expatriates and UK and Italian businesses. We can also offer advice and guidance to individuals and businesses resident in other countries, for example, the USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Perhaps you live in Italy but have capital and business investments abroad; or you've started a business between Italy, the UK or beyond. Maybe you are interested in investing in Italy by purchasing a property through a company or a trust. Whatever you circumstances the opportunity to seek expert taxation advice is here.

UK Expatriates  and other expatriates relocating to Italy or investing in Italy must consider Italian tax law and when possible explore ways in which it is possible to shelter income and gains outside of the Italian and home country jurisdictions.

UK, overseas and Italian based Businesses should plan for tax efficiency and the opportunity to avoid overbearing bureaucracy.

For some examples of the types of scenarios that are commonplace take a few minutes to read our Tax Planning page (as seen in "Italy Magazine" March 2006) which demonstrates the importance and advantages of considered tax planning in such areas as Business Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes, Inheritance Taxes and the taxation of Dividends and Pensions.

Our alliance with an experienced commercialista (accountant) enables us to handle all Italian and UK Tax Returns and other compliance requirements. For example, if you own a house in Italy you will need to file a tax return in Italy. If you earn employment or self employment income in Italy you may need to contribute to the Italian National Insurance system (INPS).