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"Michael provides exactly what he says he will, in time and on budget. In my change of domicile to Italy he gave timely, accurate and relevant advice. He took time to analyse my circumstances and came up with a tailor-made solution followed up by a meeting to determine execution. He gave reasons and options with scenarios to help explain it all. A sound, all round, professional, cross border accountant. On the other hand the accountant here in Italy took 2 months to come up with precisely nothing and an unknown price."

Martin Poole, Lazio

"It was a great relief to find Michael Murphy’s website on the internet and to receive such well argued advice about our financial affairs and trust, having moved from Hong Kong to Italy. We needed to work across these three jurisdictions, comply with Italian tax requirements and to put an updated Will in place. We now have well argued opinions delivered in a very efficient way and our tax affairs are now in order. It is a great weight off our minds."

Jenny Anderson, Umbria 

"Michael J Murphy has been dealing with my tax affairs for over 2 years now. I have found both him, and his staff, to be very personable, knowledgable, prompt and their advice to be first class. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone needing simple, straight-forward tax advice".

Gordon Gourlay

"I recently found myself in need of good and accurate information surrounding the myriad of detail of owning a property in Italy, together with the attendant elective residency and tax implications.   

I found Michael J Murphy easily on the Internet, and, discovering that no telephone number was attached, contacted him by email. Initially I found it strange to even consider getting to grips with such a huge subject by correspondence only – without telephone conversations or meetings - but quickly discovered that this wasn’t a problem, and, in fact, possibly a better way of communication. 

I was also concerned that the report might be reminiscent of a circular and therefore supply only general information, rather than to address my own circumstances.  Again, I need not have worried.  The report was excellent, detailed yet concise, and just as importantly, in well-written and understandable language. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael J Murphy, and his assistant Anna."

Sarah Kampe

"I would just like to thank Michael for the report and detailed tax advice he gave me on how to structure my affairs in the UK and Italy. It has proved most timely and useful.  I would not hesitate to use him again should the occasion arise."

Simon Carey, Arezzo Italy

"I would like to say that we are very pleased with Michael's service and the way that he dealt with our remit quickly especially when it was a busy time of year for him. We are also impressed with the way that Anna quickly responded to our comunications in a friendly yet professional manner. This made us very comfortable in the knowledge that we were being looked after on a personal level."

Frank Joynt

"Michael's expertise and individual approach has filled me with confidence ahead of my planned move to Italy. He quickly plugged the gaps in my own knowledge of the investment, income and taxation issues involved and his additional advice has provided me with a number of great options for a new personal financial strategy, going forward."

Nick Atkins

“We have been very happy to recommend Michael’s services to friends and others.   Having used his services in relation to cross border tax advice and subsequent completion of Italian tax formalities we have particularly appreciated receiving a clear statement of costs,  a clear contract describing what would be provided and then delivery of this in a professional,  timely and friendly manner.  Dealing with all the formalities in a different country can be stressful,  receiving a good professional service means we know what we have to do, this has helped us to relax and to be able to concentrate on enjoying la dolce vita.   We shall continue recommending his services with confidence.”  

Robert Haddock and Stephen Botting

"Anyone moving to Italy would be well advised to know what effect this will have on their tax position. Michael Murphy has provided us with clear and understandable advice at a sensible price about the tax implications of our proposed move to Italy both from UK and Italian perspectives." 

Chris and Ros Chittenden 

"Having decided to move to Italy from the UK, and knowing that we needed advice on all the financial implications of the move, we commissioned Michael J. Murphy to write a report profiling our case. We were so impressed by the result that we’ve become Michael’s full-time clients."

Charles McKeown and Erika Langmuir McKeown    

"I contacted Michael Murphy to help me to understand the best approach to running my consultancy from Italy.  I had already sought advice from a prestigious UK organisation, but didn’t actually feel that their recommendations were credible.  Michael prepared a number of different scenarios for me, so that I was able to see for myself the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options.  He did this efficiently and punctually, and demonstrated a very clear understanding of the quite complex issues of an organisation that works solely for UK companies, but for much of the time from within Italy.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to others."

S Rodgers, Independent Consultant.

“I found the service to have been very satisfactory and excellent value for money. The brief was complex involving the study of 4 different geographical territories and various different corporate vehicles. The resulting report was both timeous and straight to the point. Also, it was user friendly and clearly was not merely a cut and paste exercise. I would have every intention to seek Michael's advice in the future."

Roger Mitchell
Albachiara Limited

"I received an excellent service from Michael, who prepared a very detailed report for me, highlighting all the important financial subjects which needed to be considered for my move from the UK to Italy. 

The report was very clear, but he was also available at the end of the phone or email to answer additional questions.  

His advice has probably saved me thousands of pounds, in terms of tax which would have been payable, had I done things the in the way I was originally planning.  I am happy to recommend his service."

Heather Taylor 

"In competitive markets, we often take for granted that services will be delivered on time and as promised.  For our business, we not only required specialist knowledge, but also a partner that would be proactive in advising us.   

We engaged Mr. Murphy to help us migrate our UK-based company over to Italy, and to advise us on the most prudent financial and legal structure. 

From the beginning, we can only praise the work of Mr. Murphy.  His specialist knowledge obviously meant he could add a great deal of value to us and our international business, but he has and continues to differentiate himself by always delivering on-time, providing plans and reports that go above and beyond what we would ordinarily expect, and being a  genuine pleasure to work with.   

Our business has now successfully migrated, a new financial accounting system and workflow been introduced, and Mr. Murphy continues to work with us on moving our business forward.  Thank you, Michael, for all your work."

Jonathan Maher
Managing Director
Venice School of Photography

"Michael has transformed my business from one which was weighed down by bureaucracy and taxes to one which operates nimbly and tax effectively. I initially took a route proposed by an expert Italian commercialista but found I was spending too much time complying with local laws and regulations, and paying what by UK standards, seemed almost punitive levels of business and personal taxation. Michael changed everything. This has allowed me the valuable time I needed to concentrate on the strategy of moving the business forward whilst my Italian competitors are shackled by the constraints imposed upon them. Michael’s understanding of both systems allowed my company to gain a genuine competitive advantage whilst ensuring my personal taxation position was tax effective as well. Michael’s company took over the entire accounting function and they produce management reports on a timely basis so that together we can analyse results and trends which make the company more effective still."  

Fergus MacCabe
Managing Director
Tuscan Terracotta Limited

"I was recommended to contact Michael Murphy by a friend of mine after a sudden change in work led to a relocation here, in Italy.  I had never lived in Italy before and so had no idea of how to cope with the Italian legalities, plus my new Italian employer’s legal expectations.  However, throughout the last few months Michael has guided me through this complicated tax system here to set up an arrangement that is not only simple but easy and efficient, whilst being advantageous to all involved.

Michael prepared an extensive report for me allowing me to make an informed choice as to my taxation options, whilst not being blinded by legal jargon. Being able to contact someone with extensive knowledge of the UK and Italian tax systems simply by picking up a phone has been a huge relief and advantage to me."

Rupert Dean
International Sales and Marketing Manager

"We have been working with Michael and Anna for almost two years now.  When you have a business base in the UK with a UK-based accountant but also have UK and Italian residence, tax, in particular, can be a complicated business!  Michael has worked closely with our UK accountant and we feel confident that our affairs in both the UK and Italy are being handled promptly and efficiently.   Michael is always available for queries and the service is personalised and friendly."   

Dorothy Berry-Lound and Professor David Parsons.

"Buying a property in Italy is not just about living the dream. It should involve how best to structure the purchase from a fiscal point of view. Michael's professionalism and expertise in cross-border taxation matters gives you that extra piece of mind and I highly recommend his service." 

Charles Joseph
Magical Marche

"I have found MJ Murphy to be customer focused company offering a high level of professional and timely service.  I have confidence that their knowledge is indispensable when considering any financial implications within the framework of Italian fiscal regulations."  

Peter Cernis

"I run a small project management consultancy company and early in 2006, I was asked to work on a project in Italy that will last a number of years. 

The move to Italy has been quite complex regarding taxation matters as both my company and myself, as a company employee, are required to pay Italian taxes.

I searched for a number of months for an accountancy company that could understand the tax liabilities that a UK limited company would have in Italy and also advise on the most tax efficient method of operating in Italy both from a company and a personal perspective.  In my search, I talked to a couple of large “well known” international accountancy firms. 

Unfortunately none of the companies that I talked to seemed to fully understand the possible taxation issues that I would face.  The large international companies do not deal with small one man companies. Accountancy companies in the UK do not know about Italian taxes and Italian companies do not know about UK Company and personal taxation matters. 

After searching for a few months, I was very fortunate to find Michael Murphy.  Michael is an experienced Accountant who has worked in the UK and also in Italy for a number of years.  I gave Michael a call and within a few minutes it was apparent that he fully understood the taxation issues involved in relocating to Italy. Over recent months, Michael has given me all the advice that I needed and also helped me with the taxation matters that I was concerned about.

I think that Michael offers an almost unique service and I would thoroughly recommend him to individuals and companies relocating to Italy."  

Steve Paterson
Dunelm Project Services.