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Our charges for filing tax returns start at £150 per person per annum.

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Tax Returns

Taxpayers, both resident and non-resident, who derive taxable income in Italy, are obliged by law to file an annual tax return. It’s worth noting that owner-occupied houses and holiday homes produce taxable income for the owner. 

Two prepayments of the taxes due for any current year must be made before 18th June and 18th November each year. In the first year of assessment estimate your income levels for that year.

The final payment of income tax is due by 31st July of each year or 31st October for online filing.  

INPS (Instituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale) 

Employed and self employed workers in Italy are required by law to make national insurance contributions. The level of contribution will depend on the type of work you undertake and the level of income you derive. These payments cover old age pensions, disability benefit, sickness benefit, unemployment benefits and healthcare. 

Within the EEA (European Economic Area) there exist agreements between member states to cover instances where a worker migrates from one EEA country to another. If you are working in Italy for a UK based employer, for less than twelve months, you can continue paying UK National Insurance contributions. If you are normally self employed in the UK but come to Italy for less than twelve months, you can continue to make UK contributions. It is advisable to contact the UK Inland Revenue Centre for Non Residents, before leaving the UK. 

To register for INPS you should call the national help centre, where it is possible to communicate with an English speaking operator. The freephone number in Italy is: 803 164 or alternatively you can visit their website at: ww.inps.it